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2019-09-12 23:09:50Declan. ADMINFirst post on the new board. Hi Folks. Class are back next. Class times are Wednesday 9-11am, Room 45 & Friday 10-12pm, Room 43. See you all next week.
2019-09-13 11:17:40patricia brazilEXCELLENT very easy to navigate
2019-09-20 11:35:40Declan. ADMINHi folks. Bit of a scramble to get up and running today. I know the new websites has confused a few students, but i'll answer any questions you may have in class next week. :-).
2019-09-22 14:34:38Declan ADMINHi folks. You might find this useful. https://www.memoryc.ie/usb/flash-drives.html
2019-10-26 16:08:33Maryyou need a bigger toolbox for your programs.
2020-01-10 11:51:28Declanneed flu tablets